Sunday, August 21, 2011

Canning Rustic Tomato Sauce, Marinara Recipe, Canning Label & Recipe Card Templates

This time of year, every year, I have dreams of stockpiling food for winter. You know like they did in the old days, taking all of your canned goods down to the cellar until you need them in the depths of January, right? Well we have discussed using our cellar for food storage and it would probably work for canned goods but it tends to be a bit damp for other types of storage such as squash & carrots.

I have read in books such as

Country Wisdom & Know-How

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Even more pine coney-ness!

Well, I have been back to work full time for almost a month now! 

I have found time to pursue my crafty outlets in the evenings but as the dates show on my blog, I haven't found any time to blog at all, what-so-ever. 

I don't see this changing much either but I will post whenever I have something significant to post about! 

And today is one of those days :)

I have new listings at the Merc! I'm pretty sure I will run out of ideas for all of these pine cones, someday...

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A collection of cozy, warm, fuzzy & rustic-fallish type things!

I've been talking about fall a lot lately. You might say I'm in a "rustic" state of mind! :)

The decor at home fluctuates with our "mood" and I'm very much ready to make things feel warm and cozy inside... in hopes of the temps out side taking note.

So I gathered a little collection of cozy, warm, fuzzy & rustic-fallish type things! 


'Chaning Seasons' by stoneycreekmerc

I love the changing seasons! Summer into fall is my favorite! I'm REALLY looking forward to fall this year since we have had such a HOT summer. Here are a few great finds that bring fall to mind!
















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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome to the Farm House - Treasury

A super great treasury Stoney Creek was featured in recently!

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Fall in the Woods - Treasury

The high today in Central Indiana, 97 degrees!!! gah! I'm am not a HOT weather gal! 

So in honor of my daydreams of the crisp cool air of fall.

Here is a fall treasury, featuring many of the great Etsy team members of Where Rustics Reign. 

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Primitive Style Cabinet Pt 1 - How-to's

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Slice Fabric Cutter Giveaway!

The Gals at Craft Buds are hosting a sweet Slice of a giveaway!! 

This Giveaway is valued at $200, you'd be crazy not to enter :-)

Happy Crafting!!

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